How long should the baseline be in real units?
NameScaled lengthDel?


This app is built in jQuery, using the Raphaƫl library for drawing. It owes a debt of inspiration to this cosplay scale tool (but none of it's code). If you're interested in the source for this, you can find it here on Github.

Known Issues

How do I use this?

  1. Load an image.
  2. Draw your baseline - this is the line that determines how much to scale all the other calculations. Height or chest-width are good choices on full-body shots, while palm-width can be good for close-ups.
  3. Enter how long this element should be in real life (for instance, your height/chest-width/palm-width, or that of the person you're trying to scale things to). Units doesn't matter - the math works out the same no matter what, and whatever length unit you put in (inches, cm, etc) is what you'll get back.
  4. Start drawing more lines for stuff you want the dimensions on.
  5. When you're done, click save to download a copy of the image with your lines and measurements on it!

I only have really tiny images!

You can try resizing it with a smart rescaler like waifu2x (work-safe, despite the unfortunate name). While I'd like to provide a version of that here, it requires better hardware than my webserver has, unfortunately.

I closed my browser/tab and everything went away!

Nature of the (Javascript) beast, unfortunately - the image and all the calculated measurements only exist in your browser window. This means you don't actually have to have an internet connection to use it (once the page is loaded, anyway), but if the window goes away, so does the data. I might add some sort of serialiation so you can import an already-started project, but it's not on the radar right now.